Interactive Websites

Pages exist as empty formatted buckets on data-driven websites. When you request a topic, the system queries a data source and, on the fly, fills that bucket with content.

Interactive websites capture everything from forms your customers fill out to surveys they take.

Our interactive sites are easy to maintain, because we use a secure, user-friendly content management system (CMS), along with proven image, file, and data management tools. And we tailor the intelligence specifically to your business.

Let KKf Marketing help you by making your website interactive to achieve your communication and business growth objectives.

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Linda Huff

BMA Certified Business Communicator

Principal, Web Developer and Marketing Communications Specialist

A marketer with vision –
who is also a web developer – merging programming expertise with a high-tech marketing background to deliver customer-focused messaging and complete customized data-driven web applications.

My mission – to make your life easier.

Linda Huff, LegalShield Independent Associate
Affordable Legal and Identity
Theft Protection

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