On-Target Websites

Most websites start out as simple brochureware — telling the audience about who you are and what your target audience gains from doing business with you. Whether a site is built from an acquired template, Wordpress, or customized to your brand, the following qualities are crucial for success:

  • Clear concise navigation
  • Content quickly understood by your target audience
  • Consistency in look and feel
  • Mobile responsive
  • Search engine friendliness
  • Maintainability

Take advantage of my marketing and web expertise. Let me help you navigate the Internet's complexity to build a website that clearly communicates your message to your target audience and contributes to your business growth.

  "We really appreciate the many hours and product energy you contributed to develop Global Cable's web site on time and on budget. It was a great experience. I hope we'll collaborate again." M. Clappisi, Global Cables, Inc.
  Global Cable Inc.

Linda Huff

Web Developer and Marketing Communications Specialist

A marketer with vision –
who is also a web developer – merging programming expertise with a high-tech marketing background to deliver customer-focused messaging and complete customized data-driven web applications.

My mission – to make your life easier.


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