Corporate Recognition Awards

KKf Online Nomination and
Selection Tool

Streamline your company's nomination and selection process for presenting leadership, achievement, and excellence awards.

This simple website-based tool allows for global nominations and selections. It is a secure web application customized specifically for your company.

The Application

Based on your requirements, we standardize the nominating form and simplify the review process, putting everything online.

  • A password-protected standalone domain
  • A secure, centralized administration site

More Info

Linda Huff

BMA Certified Business Communicator

Principal, Web Developer and Marketing Communications Specialist

A marketer with vision –
who is also a web developer – merging programming expertise with a high-tech marketing background to deliver customer-focused messaging and complete customized data-driven web applications.

My mission – to make your life easier.

Linda Huff, LegalShield Independent Associate
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