Custom Web Applications

Do you have an intensely manual and time-consuming decision process that, if automated, would save you and your staff time and money?

A process that is:

  • Under your IT department's radar
  • Currently done by trading emails, phone calls, and paper
  • Requires convening the hard-to-schedule people at the same time and in the same place
  • Only happens once or twice a year

We specialize in automating these processes – online – in a secure environment. We will customize one of our existing web applications or develop an entirely new application to meet your specific needs.

Available Core Applications


Linda Huff

Web Developer and Marketing Communications Specialist

A marketer with vision –
who is also a web developer – merging programming expertise with a high-tech marketing background to deliver customer-focused messaging and complete customized data-driven web applications.

My mission – to make your life easier.


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